Odor Prevention with Continuous THIOGUARD Addition

Adding magnesium hydroxide to municipal wastewater suppresses hydrogen sulfide gas formation via an increase in pH. At near neutral pH, relatively small adjustments in pH results in large changes in hydrogen sulfide dissociated in solution, via the equilibrium reaction:

H2S Û H+ + HS- Û H+ + S2- (6)

At pH 7.0 approximately 50% of the hydrogen sulfide remains dissociated. However, at pH 8.0, only 8.3% is present as hydrogen sulfide, and at pH 9.0 hydrogen sulfide levels drop to less than 1.0%. Small additions of technical grade magnesium hydroxide sufficient to raise wastewater pH in this range can significantly reduce hydrogen sulfide gas emissions, and thus help control odor/corrosion problems.

Field results using continuous addition of THIOGUARD for hydrogen sulfide odor control are presented in Figure 2.


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