Some Benefits of THIOGUARD Slurry in Biological
Treatment Processes

THIOGUARD technical grade magnesium hydroxide slurry offers the following advantages for biologic processes:

Provides Alkalinity and Nutrients
Technical grade magnesium hydroxide not only supplies alkalinity, but also supplies magnesium, an essential micro-nutrient for controlled bacterial growth.

Buffers at the pH Maximum
Technical grade magnesium hydroxide buffers to a maximum pH of 9.0, even when over-dosed. This buffering effect provides better pH control in the critical pH operating ranges between 7.0 and 9.0. Caustic and lime are very easily overdosed with a rapid and dramatic change in pH that can reach pH 14 and 12.5 respectively. This results in bacterial kills and can, in severe cases, deactivate the process. Even when not overdosed, the point of addition for caustic or lime will often produce localized hot spots that kill bacteria.

Although technical grade magnesium hydroxide buffers at a maximum of 9.0, it provides more alkalinity than caustic and lime. Because its solubility is substantially lower, it acts like a slow release agent contributing needed hydroxyl ions only when required.

Safe to Handle
Technical grade magnesium hydroxide is safe to handle, is non-toxic and non-corrosive, unlike caustic soda and lime. Caustic and lime react exothermically when added to water.

Other benefits include improved clarifier and DAF performance, reduced sludge volume index (SVI), more dense filter cake with lower press cycle times, enhanced activated sludge performance, lower effluent TSS, phosphorus removal and sludge conditioning, metals precipitation and reduced effluent BOD5. THIOGUARD® can also be used for lagoon odor control, and suspended growth nitrification.


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