THIOGUARD Magnesium Hydroxide

Nitrate Substitution for Wastewater

In a recent head-to-head trial, THIOGUARD proved to be a better substitute to Nitrate for wastewater treatment plants. With Nitrate feeding at 80 gallons per day and $1.90/gallon, THIOGUARD outperformed Nitrate by feeding < 40 gallons per day at $2.05/gallon, saving 40% in dollar savings and achieving 97% improvement in reduction of H2S gas levels.

Concentration Symptoms

0-10 ppm
Irritation of eyes, nose, and throat

2 ppm
Bronchial constriction in asthmatic individuals, spontaneous abortion

5 -9.3 ppm
Increased blood lactate concentration, decreased skeletal muscle citrate synthase activity

10-50 ppm
Headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, coughing, difficulty breathing

150 - 250 ppm
Olfactory paralysis

50 - 200 ppm
Severe respiratory tract irritation, eye irritation/ acute conjuntivitis, shock, convulsions, coma and death in severe cases

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