THIOGUARD® takes the cake. . . and makes it better.

For a nearly one million gallon a day plant in Lambertville, NJ the good news just kept on coming. First, they started using THIOGUARD® to condition their primary sludge to reduce odors from the plant. This worked so well, they began to ask, "Where else could it be applied?"

As the winds whipped in early Spring, it was discovered that a significant amount of odor was coming from the nearly quarter million gallon sludge holding tank at their site. Since it worked to reduce the primary sludge odors, they wondered if it could work for stored sludge waiting to be pressed.

After establishing a stable pH range of 7.5-8.0 su, with just a couple gallons a day, odors were reduced to satisfactory levels...and then something very interesting happened. Not only were odors in the press building reduced, but the press cake was dryer. On average nearly 20-40% dryer.

It's true. Why? THIOGUARD® is technical grade magnesium hydroxide: A buffered source of alkalinity that is used to increase pH. This elevated pH promotes better polymer performance.

Not only that, but due to the divalent cation bridging, the press supernatant quality can be clearer as well. Any remaining alkalinity is then returned in the supernatant to the headworks of the plant.

Improved polymer and press performance through buffered pH control adding divalent magnesium cation bridging. THIOGUARD® proves it is a multiple benefit application.

Graph showing nearly 20-40% increase in 2007 solids weight percent using THIOGUARD® over the same
time in 2006 Lambertville, NJ - WWTP Biosolid

Special Points of Interest:
- Untapped potential in BNR
- Protects collection system infrastructure
- Significantly reduces Hydrogen Sulfide Odors
- Non-Toxic, All Natural
- Low maintenance and material costs
- Single point application can treat miles of infrastructure
- Reaches WWTP to enhance biological processes
- Conditions sludge to improve dewatering and reduce sulfide odors
- Positively affects the BNR processes in WWTPs and helps prevent biological release

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