THIOGUARD® Biosolids Reduction Calculator

How does THIOGUARD® Reduce Biosolids Odors, Volume and Weight? Click here for more infomation.

To see how much you could save by switching to THIOGUARD® , enter your information into the fields below and click 'calculate savings'. Average Plant Flow (MGD): THIOGUARD® Dose mg/L:
Volume to Dewatering (MGD): .30Gallons/Day: 600
Total Feed Solids %: Cost/Gal $:
Disposal-Hauling Cost/ Wet Ton: Projected Polymer Savings %:
Cake Solids % w/o THIOGUARD®: Cake Solids % with THIOGUARD®:


w/o THIOGUARD® +Polymer with THIOGUARD® +Polymer Difference/Savings with THIOGUARD® % Savings
Daily Tons Wet Cake 58   
Daily Dry Tons Sludge        
Daily Lbs. Solids        
Daily Disposal Cost        
Daily Polymer     
Daily THIOGUARD®     
Daily Polymer+
Annual Tons Wet Cake     
Net Daily Sludge Removal Cost     
Net Annual Poly+
Net Annual Sludge
Hauling Cost
Annual Sludge Disposal+Additive Cost     
Daily Savings  
Annual Savings  
10-Year Savings  
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