Preserving and Maintaining Assets:

When Implementing Asset Management/Infrastructure Planning, consider
THIOGUARD® to ensure future integrity and reliability to critical infrastructure
while enhancing operating efficiencies & costs.

Asset Management Example: Save 50% a year in 
pump stations power costs by choosing THIOGUARD®

THIOGUARD® is the ONLY commonly used product that has a direct mechanism to PREVENT CORROSION. The benefits of adding THIOGUARD® to your treatment processes are not limited to the prevention or reduction of corrosion. You will also benefit from a reduction in the formation of sludge – significantly reducing your handling and transportation costs. The benefits are numerous and system-wide, making THIOGUARD® the Practical Choice for your system.

Measured surface pH can then be used to correlate corrosion rate
and subsequently, remaining years of useful life of concrete structure.



PROBLEM STATEMENT: Pumping and conveying of wastewater from end user through the collection system to wastewater treatment plants can result in negative conditions including gas binding, blockages associated with fats, oils and greases (FOG), and system corrosion. There may be other contributing conditions, but these factors appear to be the greatest contributors to O&M costs including energy consumption, maintenance costs, and Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs).


Save up to 50% per year in pump station power costs by choosing THIOGUARD®
as your odor, FOG and corrosion control process in your collection system.


THIOGUARD® can overcome these issues by reducing or eliminating gas emissions from wastewater, dissolving FOG blankets and reducing corrosion to pumps and infrastructure. No other product can match Thioguard’s ability to neutralize both collection system surface acid and wastewater acid over short and long distances to and through the wastewater treatment plant.

Force Main With THIOGUARD® Treatment

Force Main with No Liquid Phase Treatment

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