Direct Addition for Odor Control

Magnesia chemicals are safe. They offer environmentally responsible solutions to problems related with acid neutralization, biological treatment and biosolids disposal and handling. Premier Magnesia produces over 300,000 tons of MgO and Mg(OH)2 products annually, developing and maintaining more grades of magnesia chemicals than any other producer.

Premier Magnesia is proud to offer the THIOGUARD® family of products and services to control odor, corrosion, FOG, and enhance treatment for municipal wastewater systems.

THIOGUARD® is a safe, technical grade alkaline slurry, similar to milk of magnesia. Think of it as industrial-strength milk of magnesia for your sanitary system.

Major Advantages
- Non-Hazardous
- Safe to Handle
- Environmentally safe
- Cost-effective
- Treats Odors, Corrosion and FOG (fats, oils, and grease)
- Positive plant benefits for Nitrification, biosolids production, digestor performance and chlorination

Direct Addition for Odor Control

Added directly to wastewater collection systems, THIOGUARD® stops odors by preventing the formation of H2S, hydrogen sulfide gas.

Crown Spray for Corrosion Control
Surfaces periodically sprayed with THIOGUARD® are gently neutralized and protected from corrosion.



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